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We offer a complete preventive maintenance solution for all types of Heavy Equipment. With fixed low rates, you receive unmatched equipment and quality care. We minimize your down time by providing expert inspections; follow up solutions and on the spot minor repairs, ensuring you are ready for the road. You also receive our free complimentary and personalized Online Fleet Management Software based on a bi-weekly PM schedule. This way you will never miss any critical maintenance for your equipment.




Do You Need a Preventive Maintenance Program?


Section 6 of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation, AR 121/2009 requires that a person who operates a commercial vehicle under the authority of a Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) must establish, maintain and follow a written Preventive Maintenance Inspection Program that pertains to all commercial vehicles registered to the carrier in Alberta, including leased vehicles registered to the carrier.


Key Points!


ü  Effective preventive maintenance inspections reduce the number of defects found by roadside and mandatory inspections, lowering the number of out-of-service days.


ü  Companies found in non-compliance to Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulations may face severe delays and penalties enforced by law.


ü  It is always less expensive to make repairs at the carrier’s own facility than on the road.


ü  Down time on the road may result in delayed deliveries and lost contracts.


ü  Delays may result in increased employee costs.


ü  Defects on the road may add costs such as towing and productivity loss.


ü  Defects may contribute to a collision.

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