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           Our Envirnment

We Care About Our Environment

With NuQuart Oil you can rest assured that every last drop of your vehicle by-products end up in the right place.

Your used oil becomes recycled by re-refining it into its original lubricating state and this process uses a fraction of the energy of refining crude oil into a lubricant quality. Used oil is also re-used in heaters to produce heat and energy. Also the oil filters are recycled and used for various metal products. Empty plastic containers are recycled and used to make other plastic products. The used oil is also re-used to create the surface and mixture for asphalt roads all across Alberta.

The bottom line is that we care. We care about our environment and our next generation who will embrace it. It is onto them that we pass our habits along and we hope that our influence brings them greater aspirations for a cleaner liveable future.

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